CoVid -19 Plan and Information

March 27, 2020

Plan- The CDC, Public Health Administration, NorthShore University Health System, AMA, ADA have all asked for local practices to be vigilant in treating elective patient matters at this time until March 31. They have asked that we as emergency providers for oral health remain available to triage and treat patients who need urgent/emergent services. Dr. Jacob is a Division head at NorthShore University Health System and will continue to be informed as to the current and changing recommendations which we will post for you.

We have been asked to treat emergencies and urgent care only; meaning patients that have pathology concerns, infection concerns, pain, trauma or other cases by case determinations.

CoVid-19 Policies and current recommendations

  1. Please do not enter the office if you are sick and have general cold and flu like symptoms
  2. Please report yourself if you have traveled to the high-risk zones in the world; you call the nearest emergency room at NorthShore or Lake Forest/Northwestern Lake or Cook County Dept of Public Health [SEE Northshore/CDC Covid-19 plan]
  3. If you have been in direct contact with a person documented a confirmed with a case of the Covid-19 Virus you must report to the ED per public health guidelines. [SEE Northshore/CDC Covid-19 plan]

What this Practice is doing additionally

  1. We will be completely disinfecting with a waiting period between each patient to allow for additional time to clear any transmission elements.
  2. We ask that you use the sanitizer prior to entering the office.
  3. Your temperature will be taken upon entering the treatment area; if you are febrile, we will ask that you reschedule and discuss your symptoms with your physician.
  4. You will be seated in your own room to minimize contact between patients in close proximity.
  5. Our receptionist/business staff will ask that you sit apart and utilize the hall waiting area to maximize distance between visitors.
  6. We ask that for any anesthesia cases, only 1 escort per patient and do not bring elders or children/toddlers/infants to the office
  7. We will ask if you are waiting that you may walk outside or sit in your car and leave a cell phone so we can reach you to review post op care
  8. As per the request of NorthShore and the state and Federal government agencies, we are going to reduce the elective case load until April 6. Newer recommendations will follow as we learn them. We are available for any dental emergency/urgency.

In general, the officials and hospital staff do not want you in the emergency rooms for 2 simple reasons-

  1. To have non-viral risk patients further exposed by entering a hire risk area for dental needs
  2. They are planning for bed space shortages and do not want dental patients using their space

Please view and share our latest COVID-19 Symptom Comparison Chart with your friends and family.

For more information, including measures to keep yourself healthy, visit the following links:

Prevention: View CDC Guidelines